EPT is the first in the domestic industry to pass the ISO9001, China CMD certification, quality management system in the long-term business practices have been effectively tempered, the management process is reasonable and mature, continuous improvement, comprehensively ensured research and development, procurement, Operational norms and quality reliability in all aspects of production, delivery, sales and service.

         EPT has a full-time quality management department, implements the quality policy of “innovative printing plate technology, meticulous quality management, and sincere service to customers”, with “people” as the core strength, starting from the professional quality of employees, through professional training, the quality is rigorous. The sense of control is deeply implemented in all employees and positions.

         EPT's raw materials are procured on the principle of global selection. All raw material suppliers are the best in this field. All raw materials are tested by various indicators, which are good for the fittest and ensure the excellent performance of the products.

         EPT has an advanced laboratory, all of which must be continuously tested in the environmental laboratory before leaving the factory to ensure that the finished product can work stably under harsh conditions.