Talent Idea

Talent is the most important resource for EPT.
As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-tech printing plate technology, today's glory is the result of long-term efforts of many outstanding employees. EPT emphasizes talent traction technology, provides reasonable compensation for talents, and provides a platform for development and realization of its own value.
We welcome talents who are interested in the printing plate and printing plate manufacturing technology industry to join us to create a wonderful future and contribute to the printing industry!

Training Development

A series of managerial skill and professional skill training are provided specifically subject to job requirements. Employees may be sponsored for advanced studies in terms of economic and time support according to work needs. EPT shall help employees for continuing improvement and extension, achieving win-win situation for both personal values and corporate development.

Career Advancement

Dual channel promotion (either for management or for technical position) mechanism is provided, which allows equal administrative benefits, career advancement and development opportunities for talented persons at all levels of management or technical positions.


Provide competitive compensation to employees based on the salary of the region and industry;
All employees apply for social insurance;
Providing collective dormitories for foreign employees to solve the problem of local settlement of Shantou;
Colorful cultural and sports activities: company anniversary celebrations, various sports activities, group travel, etc.