Company Profile


Exceeding Plate Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. We adhere to the concepts of outstanding quality, resource conservation, and environmental friendliness. Our goal is to achieve a low-input, low-consumption, high-quality, and highly efficient ecological industrial model. We focus on the manufacturing and sales of digital printing plates, as well as the technical development and application promotion of digital printing plates.

Over the past few years, addressing several key pain points in the manufacturing and application processes of traditional offset printing plates, our technical team has successfully developed a series of unique manufacturing technologies and production processes covering CTCP plates, conventional thermal CTP plates, processless thermal CTP plates, and inkjet CTP plates. Some of these have been granted national invention patents, while others are in the process of patent applications or have been accepted for patent applications.

The company has pioneered an exclusive aluminum-based surface non-electrolytic oxidation superhydrophilic technology and has successfully developed two major categories of products based on this technology: aluminum-based thermal CTP plates and recycled aluminum-based thermal CTP plates. Comprehensive product performance testing has been completed in several large printing enterprises in China.

The practical application of these technologies can greatly revolutionize, simplify, and "cleanse" traditional technological processes. They not only enhance product performance and value but also demonstrate a fast and feasible path from traditional industries to green ecological industries.


Strong Strength

        EPT has a professional technical center for printing plates, which brings together a group of high-tech research and development talents, and engineers and technicians account for more than 60% of employees. High-quality human resources provide strong support for the long-term development of EPT.
         In terms of research and development environment, EPT is equipped with advanced and advanced research equipment.
         EPT adheres to the principle of combining technological innovation, independent research and development and joint development, and independently controlling core technologies. It has established cutting-edge technology development institutions in China and established good technical cooperation relationships with many well-known high-tech companies at home and abroad. Make new breakthroughs.
         EPT has printing high-tech units such as printing plate technology and printing plate making technology.

EPT has a professional printing plate research and manufacturing base. It has a number of advanced production lines and cooperation units. It has a large number of skilled production technicians and a mature domestic and international production operation system.
         At present, EPT is in the field of printing and plate making, high precision of printing plate and complex production process. EPT always adheres to the main research and development direction of environmental protection and cost saving. It is premised on ensuring product quality and strives to develop high-energy capacity plates and printing. High precision, low cost and more environmentally friendly.