Just when there are still companies "tangled" in the CTP complex

Just when there are still enterprises "tangled" in the CTP complex, when the economic crisis has completely dissipated, the export volume of our thermal CTP version has quietly surpassed the export volume of the traditional PS version, becoming the mainstream of China's offset printing plate exports. .

Regardless of whether the figures of the General Administration of Customs can represent the entire range of imported and exported offset plates, whether it is scientific and reasonable in terms of US dollars, but from the digital, we have already felt the oncoming digitalization of offset printing. As is known to all, after Kodak, Agfa, Fujifilm and other international mainstream plate manufacturing companies have significantly reduced the output of traditional plates, China has become the world's largest supplier of traditional offset printing plates. However, from 2008 to 2009, we saw a sharp decline in the export value of the traditional PS version, which exceeded 35%. At the same time, the export of thermal CTP plates has increased substantially, even as close as 40%. Although the current export value of the thermal CTP version has not yet passed the traditional PS version, the two are already very close, and we can even make a bold prediction: the 2010 thermal CTP version can definitely achieve the go-ahead.

At the beginning of 2008, the author once wrote that 2008 will be the turning point of CTP application in China's printing industry. Affected by the financial crisis, this turning point may come a little late, but it has indeed arrived.

For offset printing plate manufacturers, CTP technology was once considered the “last piece of cake” in the traditional printing platemaking field. But when the turning point really appears, people may be disappointed because the "cake" has become a "burning cake."

In terms of exports, the CTP version will soon surpass the PS version; in terms of plate production, the domestic CTP version of the production capacity is beyond the traditional PS version is also vying for the night; in terms of price, the price of the domestic thermal CTP version has approached 30 yuan / square meters, and the PS version is inevitable trend, the price war of CTP plates has also been launched. The CTP era of Chinese printing platemaking really came.