Basic processing rules for CTP media storage

For CTP plates, proper storage and management is very important. The following is a brief introduction to the storage and management of flexo in the case of the division, the whole box and the finished plate.

    First, in the factory plate making, the basic processing rules for CTP plate storage are as follows:

    1. Unexposed plate

    Placed in the package, covered with a black plastic film, can not be placed on the uneven contact surface, before the film is exposed, the surface sheet can be peeled off. If it is excessively bent, the protective layer will be wrinkled. Wrinkles will leave stains after exposure to plate.

    2. The exposed CTP plate:

    Care must be taken to prevent bending by a cardboard mat underneath, and cover it with the original surface sheet.

    3. Wet plate after washing

    Avoid contact with the resin surface, otherwise it will form stains. When handling, avoid inhaling volatile gases from the solvent.

    4. The plate after drying

    Place on a flat contact surface and allow it to cool. Do not touch the resin layer to prevent exposure to sunlight or other ultraviolet light.

    Second, the entire box of plates from the supplier of the plate, in order to maintain the best state, is stored as follows:

    Temperature control: 5 to 25 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is lower than 10 °C, the plate transferred to the plate making room should be placed stably for a period of time to avoid thermal shock on the exposure machine.

    Humidity control to avoid excessive humidity (within 60% humidity)

    How to put the box: Flat, no more than 10 boxes per pile

    Third, the finished plate from the plate maker, the storage regulations are as follows:

    Pure air: well ventilated, dust free, solvent free volatilized gas, away from ozone source

    Temperature control: 5 to 35 degrees Celsius

    No light: dark room

    Plates do not touch each other: there is enough air circulation between the plates