Pore-sealing Concentrate


1、Applicable for pore-sealing posterior to the electro-chemical graning and anodising of aluminum substrate;

2、No measurement and adjustment on conductivity,electric potential and concentration of aluminum ions are needed in the pore-sealing operation;

3、Surface contact angle of the sealed substrate <15°;

4、The exhausted working solution can be discharged directly without further treatment.


【Method of Usage】

1、Delute the concentrate at the ratio of 1:200-260 with deionized water;

2、By dipping or spraying,soak the substrate to be sealed thoroughly with the deluted working solution at 25-45℃ for 15-45 seconds;

3、Squeez the substrate with rubber rollers and dry completely the substrate at 110-150℃ for 30-60 seconds to finish the pore-sealing.


Packed as 25kg/barrel

Storage conditions

Keep in cool and dry places