Super Hydrophilizing Coating Liquid


1. Hydrophilic layer forming at the aluminum substrate surface;Chemically transforms the surface com-position to hydrophilic and adhesive to image-forming coatings.

2. Substitutes for electro-chemical graning,anodizing and pore-sealing processes in manufacturing PS plate,CTcP plate and CTP plate.


【Method of usage】

1. Degreasing {with alkaline or solvent},neutralizing and washing the aluminum substrate

2. Coating the treated substrate at the solid content of 2.0±0.2/㎡

3.Drying at 160-190℃ for 140-180 second

4.Washing and drying for lateral image forming layer coating


1、Solid content:15%
2、Packed as 25kg/barrel

Storage conditions:

Keep in cool and dry places